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Are you struggling to create an inclusive and accessible environment for both your users and your business?Still trying to figure out accessibility without a plan?We make disability inclusion easier, faster, less stressful, and even fun.

I help organizations plan for and implement disability inclusion.

Hi. I'm Cam Beaudoin. Disability Inclusion and Accessibility Expert.I bet you're here because accessibility seems ambiguous, confusing and expensive. Where the heck do you go next?Why does it have to be like that?You want Clarity: A solid plan provides clarity on what steps to take, when to take them, and how to take them.You want Priority: A good plan prioritizes the right tasks and goals, ensuring critical items are tackled first.You want Efficiency: A proper plan ensures resources are used efficiently, minimizing lost time, and maximizing effectiveness.You want Focus: A firm plan maintains focus on the most important objectives, reducing the risk of getting sidetracked.You want Accountability: A rational plan holds teams accountable for their actions and results. Make it easy.You want Flexibility: A reasonable plan is flexible, allowing for tweaks when circumstances change, but maintains clear direction.Everyone wants to do the right thing and include people with disabilities but get stuck on next steps.You're here likely because maybe you don't know what's up next.Are you worried about legal consequences?Do you have accessibility issues on your website?Does accessibility seem too expensive?Does your accessibility statement lack substance?What the heck is a VPAT?Have your employees requested accommodations?Are you not getting buy-in from leadership?Have you received a customer complaint?I can help. You won't believe how easy it is to integrate inclusion, accessibility and advocacy in a sustainable way.Don't let accessibility be your achilles heel. You need a program that will make you champions.I want your team to understand how disabilities are at the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion, values that your organization has already prioritized.Discover the easy way to achieve accessibility success with Accelerated180™, our program that lays it all out for you.You need a guide, not a website audit. We can do it together.You should...



Join me for an accessibility revolution! Let's make inclusion simple, understandable, and even a little fun. Inspire your team. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your workplace and change lives.


Taking the next step towards accessibility excellence? Join me for an interactive and informative workshop that will teach you the tips and tricks of accessibility program management. Get ready to revolutionize your business and create a truly inclusive workplace.


Ready to dive deep into accessibility strategy? Let's make a plan that works for you! Join me for an in-depth session that will unlock your company's true potential. Get ready to lead the charge on disability inclusion and accessibility.


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About Me

Using his experience in accessibility program management, software development, and technical consulting, Cam comes with a approachable perspective on how teams can bring disability inclusion and accessibility into their organization. Audiences appreciate his hands-on knowledge of planning, building, and delivering solutions with practical, real-world examples.Cam's down-to-earth style engages groups from the moment he meets them and leaves audiences with a can-do attitude in their ability to handle the ambiguities in the world of digital accessibility. Many often appreciate that he can speak the same language as their technical teams or business leads.


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What audiences are saying

Building team members' comfort around speaking about accessibility and motivating the team to promote small everyday actions for a greater cause is a problem we’ve experienced. It seemed like an endless frustration at times, but always embracing it as a challenge to find a new approach - that's what Cam brought. A new way to approach accessibility that can bring about small improvements and change towards a bigger collective goal- we all have to start somewhere.

S. Qobbad

Executive Customer Relations Advisor

In the past, the messaging around advocacy and communication came across in a negative, sad way… Cam helped spin it 180° and made it a positive, future-looking opportunity that’s easier to hear. What was different about Cam’s presentation style was that he was very relaxed, and he made it fun. His eyes sparkled! He immediately connected with the audience.

L. Keyson

Disruptive Technologists Inc.

Cam’s message resonated with me because he speaks to the audience like a peer opposed to preaching. His story around his family not speaking about disabilities while growing up is a reality for a lot of folks. Hearing that someone who is now so passionate about accessibility came from that same sort of "unknown" is a great thing.

M. Hayward-Cheung

Management Consultant

The engagement and inclusion of the audience right from the start really made a difference. You did not feel like you were just listening to a webinar. It felt like you were part of the discussion and the long list of comments and discussions in the chat showed the audience was matching Cam’s enthusiasm, and they were connecting with his message and content.

M. Meistrell

Membership Services Coordinator

Cam was engaging and entertaining to learn from and did an excellent job of teaching to an appropriate level for his audience. I truly feel we all walked away far better informed and equipped to write cleaner more accessible code as a result of the general information he provided as well as the specific tips, tricks, and tools he shared.

K. de Vries

Software Engineer
Clarity Innovations

Cam’s ability to immediately build relationships of trust within the first moments of the presentation was when he captured the audience. After the session, we were so pleased to read the comments from the audience as they relayed a message of excitement as members pondered how to begin their Accessibility journey.

C. Nelson

Director, Instructional Technologies and Academic Support
WSU Tech

Virtual and in-person options

With hybrid and virtual learning here to stay, there are many ways that your team could be improving. We know that if you're learning from home that distractions are everywhere. Cam leverages interaction and fun to get the audience engaged even in a digital environment.This means 4k video with professional lighting and crisp audio that both looks and sounds great. Quality source media is key for long-term learning that sticks.

Ready to dive deep into accessibility strategy?

I help organizations plan for and implement disability inclusion.

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